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Computational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology



09:00–09:20Opening Remarks
Kristy Hollingshead and Lyle Ungar
09:20–10:30Oral Presentations, Session 1
 Detecting late-life depression in Alzheimer's disease through analysis of speech and language (Supplement)
Kathleen C. Fraser, Frank Rudzicz and Graeme Hirst
Discussant: Dr. Loring Ingraham
 Towards Early Dementia Detection: Fusing Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Clinical Data (Supplement)
Joseph Bullard, Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm, Xumin Liu, Qi Yu and Rubén Proaño
Discussant: Dr. Hiroko Dodge
11:00–11:45Poster Presentations
 Self-Reflective Sentiment Analysis
Benjamin Shickel, Martin Heesacker, Sherry Benton, Ashkan Ebadi, Paul Nickerson and Parisa Rashidi
 Is Sentiment in Movies the Same as Sentiment in Psychotherapy? Comparisons Using a New Psychotherapy Sentiment Database
Michael Tanana, Aaron Dembe, Christina S. Soma, Zac Imel, David Atkins and Vivek Srikumar
 Building a Motivational Interviewing Dataset
Verónica Pérez-Rosas, Rada Mihalcea, Kenneth Resnicow, Satinder Singh and Lawrence An
 Crazy Mad Nutters: The Language of Mental Health
Jena D. Hwang and Kristy Hollingshead
 The language of mental health problems in social media (Supplement)
George Gkotsis, Anika Oellrich, Tim Hubbard, Richard Dobson, Maria Liakata, Sumithra Velupillai and Rina Dutta
 Exploring Autism Spectrum Disorders Using HLT
Julia Parish-Morris, Mark Liberman, Neville Ryant, Christopher Cieri, Leila Bateman, Emily Ferguson and Robert Schultz
1:00–2:45Oral Presentations, Session 2
 Generating Clinically Relevant Texts: A Case Study on Life-Changing Events
Mayuresh Oak, Anil Behera, Titus Thomas, Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm, Emily Prud'hommeaux, Christopher Homan and Raymond Ptucha
Discussant: Dr. Bart Andrews
 Don't Let Notes Be Misunderstood: A Negation Detection Method for Assessing Risk of Suicide in Mental Health Records (Supplement)
George Gkotsis, Sumithra Velupillai, Anika Oellrich, Harry Dean, Maria Liakata and Rina Dutta
Discussant: Dr. Loring Ingraham
 Exploratory Analysis of Social Media Prior to a Suicide Attempt (Supplement)
Glen Coppersmith, Kim Ngo, Ryan Leary and Anthony Wood
Discussant: Dr. Bart Andrews
3:00–3:15Shared Task Introduction
 CLPsych 2016 Shared Task: Triaging content in online peer-support forums
David N. Milne, Glen Pink, Ben Hachey and Rafael A. Calvo
3:15–3:40Shared Task Poster Presentations, Session 1
 Data61-CSIRO systems at the CLPsych 2016 Shared Task
Sunghwan Mac Kim, Yufei Wang, Stephen Wan and Cecile Paris
 Predicting Post Severity in Mental Health Forums
Shervin Malmasi, Marcos Zampieri and Mark Dras
 Classifying ReachOut posts with a radial basis function SVM
Chris Brew
 Triaging Mental Health Forum Posts
Arman Cohan, Sydney Young and Nazli Goharian
 Mental Distress Detection and Triage in Forum Posts: The LT3 CLPsych 2016 Shared Task System
Bart Desmet, Gilles Jacobs and Véronique Hoste
 Text Analysis and Automatic Triage of Posts in a Mental Health Forum
Ehsaneddin Asgari, Soroush Nasiriany and Mohammad R.K. Mofrad
 The UMD CLPsych 2016 Shared Task System: Text Representation for Predicting Triage of Forum Posts about Mental Health
Meir Friedenberg, Hadi Amiri, Hal Daumé III and Philip Resnik
4:00–4:25Shared Task Poster Presentations, Session 2
 Using Linear Classifiers for the Automatic Triage of Posts in the 2016 CLPsych Shared Task
Juri Opitz (in absentia)
 The GW/UMD CLPsych 2016 Shared Task System
Ayah Zirikly, Varun Kumar and Philip Resnik
 Semi-supervised CLPsych 2016 Shared Task System Submission
Nicolas Rey-Villamizar, Prasha Shrestha, Thamar Solorio, Farig Sadeque, Steven Bethard and Ted Pedersen
 Combining Multiple Classifiers Using Global Ranking for Post Triage
Chen-Kai Wang, Hong-Jie Dai, Chih-Wei Chen, Jitendra Jonnagaddala and Nai-Wen Chang
 Classification of mental health forum posts
Glen Pink, Will Radford and Ben Hachey
 Automatic Triage of Mental Health Online Forum Posts: CLPsych 2016 System Description
Hayda Almeida, Marc Queudot and Marie-Jean Meurs
 Automatic Triage of Mental Health Forum Posts
Benjamin Shickel and Parisa Rashidi
 Text-based experiments for Predicting mental health emergencies in online web forum posts
Hector-Hugo Franco-Penya and Liliana Mamani Sanchez
4:25–4:45Closing Remarks