Computational Linguistics - Fall'11

NLP - Winter'10


For NLP:

  • Syntax in Machine Translation: [pdf]

For Text-Based Language Processing Systems:

  • Introduction to Machine Translation: [pdf]

For Biological and Linguistic Sequence Analysis:

  • On approximate matching algorithms: [pdf]


For NLP:

  • Text Processing in Linux: [ppt] [pdf]
  • Data Structures for NLP: [ppt] [pdf], and associated code: nlp.c
  • Combined into a single lecture: [ppt] [pdf]

For Computational Linguistics:

For the JHU Summer School on Human Language Technology:

  • Lab session on Pronunciation Modeling using AT&T's FSM library.

For Artificial Intelligence (co-taught with Fan Yang):

  • On Tcl: [ppt]

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